Studies show nothing compares to engaging in face to face contact. Our canvassing can break through when voter's have started trashing direct mail upon opening the mail box. We bring to the table a robust team of experienced canvassers and can grow it out with local voices and nuances. Additionally, we have led the way in quality control standards by instituting GPS and time stamping with digital devices, and manager oversight.

We are the industry leader in legal and HR compliance, taking the liability off the client's shoulders by embracing appropriate labor code standards, insurance, taxes, and doing things the right way.

We deliver a higher quality product that will actually save money through increased contact rates. This is through voters actually opening the door for our canvassers, more accurate voter ID's and detailed feedback, and a higher quality experience for the voter.


Phone banking plays a vital role in breaking through to gated homes and apartment buildings, allows better after-dark contacts, and is a value in terms of persuading and creating voter ID's. We can set up sophisticated in-house phone bank operations with the latest in computer dialing software, that increase efficiencies and quality controls.

We have also led the way in exciting techniques such as utilizing "telephone town-halls", gaining recorded testimonies which can be passed on to government bodies, and creating supporter actions from receiving a lawn sign, to connecting constituents to an office to express displeasure with legislation.

We build a local team that speaks with local nuance, and shows up on caller ID's with local numbers. We also work with regional partners to quickly amass calls to get efforts completed at the best pricing.

Paid & Volunteer 

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear is the assumption that we only do paid efforts. We actually love working with volunteers. Our team members began their careers working in community organizing and find it to be a rewarding experience. Depending on the needs of your campaign, we will build a paid effort, volunteer or both, having them overlap and compliment one another.

A great way to launch a volunteer effort is signature gathering for ballot access. It presents a great litmus test of who can really get things done, and who needs the assistance of a paid canvasser covering their designated region.